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I have been funny all my life. Although, in an attempt to sound less conceited, I may revise to say I have been funny since I started trying to be (which unfortunately circles back to I have been funny all my life). However, paradoxically, I’ve also been frequently told that my jokes are poorly timed. I laugh alone a lot. Personally, I always find the stories I tell entertaining, so I want to write my jokes and tell them too. Painting provides a place of control to play out these jokes, scenes, and stories. My paintings are a sort of re-staging of myself, never a self-portrait but rather a theatricalized retelling. I don’t want to conclusively state that all the figures are of myself, but, you can catch a glimpse of me in the painting peeking out from behind the curtain, a little cheeky and a little terrified. Despite their trepidation,  the paintings whisper a secret, an off-duty jester, half unzipped from its harlequin bodysuit.

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